Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monday Making 1/16/17

I will joining BETH with some block making.  Switching from scraps to some NEW fabric.  I love scraps, but there is something about new fabrics to freshen inspiration.  They , also, freshen up the scrap pile.

I pulled some of my Rhoda Ruth and Kona 30th Anniversary solid FQ bundles for a test quilt.  I was going to go scrappy for this test quilt, but I have wanted to play with these bundles - so new it is - actually they have been on the shelf a while.

I pulled my Katherine Ann by Patrick Loose to use for the Patch Work Sampler with Fat Quarter Shop.  They haven't listed the fabric requirements, but I think there is plenty of mix with this bundle and there is 4 yards of the Kona Snow - should be just fine.

Yes, I have several boxes of pay-it-forward to send out today and the large brown box arrived the other day and holds my staple Kona's which should last at least half way thru the year.

My tote filled with supplies for Cindy @ Quilt Doodle QAL.  A Dresdan Plate has been on my bucket list, so this works perfect with my left over 30's, feed sacks, and some new.  I'll be hand stitching this one so will take me a little more time.

Then there was this new and old mix for Pat Sloan's Solstice QAL.

I'm a little behind with this one and finished the cabin block and have the rail fence to make before the new block comes on on Wednesday.

I know, I am procrastinating on those borders, but block making just tickles me.  BUT I will get to those borders.

Wind those bobbins and go play,
Sewingly Yours,

Slow Sunday Stitching 1/15/17

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will be joining KATHY today with some slow soothing stitching.  The weekend has become days of 'chores' that must be done.  So to have something that I can sit with for a bit to relax - then pop on to the next to-do on the list - that works.

I have just the black to finish up 'Ernestine' for the Bag Ladies.  You can click on the button on the side bar to read more about this project.  Some of the smaller embellishment areas will actually be done during or after the quilting process.  I plan to make each of these ladies into their own mini wallhanging.  I saved those cut off HSTs from my green scrap geese quilt which will work well for a border with this.

And that should finish up quick, so I have my hexies ready for the next round on those rosettes.

Grab some needle and thread and sit down, slow down, relax,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Day Out

I know you all want to hear about the day's trip out.  This year's gift bag was a fabulous metalic turquoise and I filled it as you can see.  My goal was those extra wide backings so I can get some finishes.

Westering Women, the Black Bear, a string quilt made a couple of years ago with Let's Book It, and my Leap Year (circles) quilt.  I'm a washer when it come to these backings, so that is today's agenda.

My Mom went with us and got a little wobbly - fabulous staff took grand care of her by getting a chair, getting bolts, cutting and cashing her out.  While that went on, we managed a short browse (because it was elbow to elbow by then).  I picked up two jelly rolls 'Sylvie' and 'Rhapsody in Blue' ($18 no less) and a few $1 FQs.  Since we were early getting out of the shop and Mom was not up to anything else, we headed home - probably a good thing as it started to snow.

Home petting fabric while warming up with a hot herbal tea and then I crashed on the couch with my furkids who had a short miff because I dared to leave them alone for a bit - cats!

Washing fabrics and borders on that green quilt are my goal for the day.  Oh, and some housework mixed in - yeah, someone has to do it.

Wind some bobbins and get sewing,
Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stringing in the Rain

It was a totally different day today.  We reached 50, but it poured by the buckets all day.  My goal over the last two days was to tame these strings.

Does it look tame enough now?  I just can't seem to control those greens though - they are in everything I pull it seems.

After seeing Angela's Rainbow Strings with the skinny black and color on one side and lights on the other - BAM!  I had just enough left over skinny strips from the BEAR quilt to make centers for 30 blocks and I went from there.

My phone book papers were 8" square and I would have over extended 
the paper to get an 8.5", but my skinny blacks would not work that .  But that is OK as a finished 7.5" block is fine and they worked up a lot of those strings.

I have next on my list to get to the borders on the Meadow's Mountains quilt, but......

I am going HERE instead.  They have their annual in-store $5 yard sale (entire shop) and $8 yard extra wides.  I am not on a fabric diet and I do have a list of things that I need for finishing all those quilts in that large tub.

Now how can this not entice you to do a little shopping?  And lunch out is in order , too.

Sewingly Yours,