Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

I have a few ungoing projects that I will some piece work on as leader/enders.  There are just 8 more of the 'ribbon' blocks left that need their flip corners put on to snowball them.  Then those corner cut offs fall into another leader/ender project as hour glass blocks.

I have just 10 more dark and 10 more light Temecula Quilt Co. snowball blocks to add corners to.  I have just been attaching cornes - no clipping and turning as yet.  This is a long term project, so I am not rushing.

The newest temperature rosette is done.  Mother Nature and Father Winter are playing games with each other over the last few days; and looks to  continue in our next few weeks.  We swirl up and down at thier whimsy - and I have a green in this one!

43 - 50 - 35 - 30 - 32 - 41 - 51

My main goal is to do something with the over flowing black tote.  I don't even know where the lid is as I tucked it away because you just couldn't get it on a shoebox size that is trying to hold 3 x's it's amount.  This will be worked down into 3 projects.  Hey, while that pile of fabric is dumped use it to it's fullest.  It all has to be sorted, pressed, cut - might as well go into a plan (or plans).

 I've always wanted to make SALLY'S POODLE block and it being the Year of the Dog, it is a good time to make these.  My larger blacks and I even pulled my tote of gray for some of the darker prints are going to make some cute poodles.  

There's a lot of cutting, piecing, and keeping a real good track on what goes where.  BUT, aren't they just too stinkin' cute!!??

From those blacks (and some of the grays) I'm cutting 2.5" x 6.5" bricks for a coin quilt and 2" squares for some 9-patches.  Anything else will get broken down into my barrel and string system.

Hope you get to play in your scraps today,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Making

After making large blocks and large borders, I need to relax and play with something small.  Yes, I am in the insane group that loves and releases stress with working with very tiny bits of fabric.  I have some pieces left over from the jacket I made (which I don't think I ever posted here).  This is all getting chopped down to smaller and smallest.

I need to get my project finished for the next blog hop with Carol.  She's announced a new hop for May that might interest you - so take a visit.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Scrappy Purple

The problem child Anvil Block got finished, blocks corrected in the layout so they all faced the same way, and sashed.  I went right to work getting this one DONE.  I used up some 'stray' light grey JR strips for the inner sashing and the inner border was just enough of 'stray' white JR strips.  The little bit of those was chopped up into my barrel system.

The tropical print was something that come home with me when our guild had their 'stash swap' night.  It's not something I would buy or use, but it worked with this quilt for the outer border.   AND I hate borders and this is probably the widest border (9.5") I have ever put on a quilt.  BUT, it was to use that print up.  Cutting the length of the good size yardage of this made it so I didn't have to match/piece the  strips.  I had just a 2.5" strip left from the cutting and the small bit that was trimmed to length of border.  Those were cut down into my barrel system, too.

Now it is in the 'to-be-quilted' pile; which is growing.
This quilt full-fills the color purple for RSC18,  the Pantone Color of the Year quilt, and the block pulled for my Scrap Attack project.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday - Late

Wednesday was a day of more 'un-sewing' than sewing.  I had to take a break.  I did get the next temperature rosette together - finally in the right order.  Those are a dusty blue, but look white - ah well.

22 - 21 - 18 - 36 - 36 - 28 -24

** linking to Sarah Did It **

This was my true nemesis for stitching!!  I made 20 blocks and do you know - it was the 20th block that I took apart three times and re-stitched wrong three times - again.  I walked away.  Then I went back to it and even though I had those blocks laid out, yes - I turned some the wrong way when I attached sashings.  I'm sure you folks have had one of those days or projects.  Just out to bite you!!  BUT, it is at the stage of the final border and as much as I detest borders - that puppy is getting on this so it is finished.

I did get this lovely in our Quilt Guild postcard swap at Tuesday night's meeting.  I have been yearning for my flowers and how nice I got this sweet postcard.  Plus, it was made by our longest term member which means a lot to me.