Friday, April 28, 2017

Still Catching Up

Since my SIL is using my large table that I need for that special project, I am using the time to catch up on a few more QAL's.  I did the latest block for the NY Diary (button on side bar).  The large flag, that I chose to piece the whole block rather than the applique they show.  To get the block measurement I just cut my lower strips a bit thinner and used a larger seam - came out perfect and I don't think you can tell the difference.

Then I tackled the next Solstice block.  Yeah - two big blocks in one day!  But I thought of this as making several smaller blocks and then putting them into a table topper.

I still have today to find something to play with.  I cannot shove another 2" square into this barrel and have been putting off tackling it.  Today is the day while I wait.

I had cleaned up all the piles on my high quilt rack - yes, I processed that right down into my fabric system.  Funny how you clear a spot something always jumps right back on it.  But a good place to lay out the long chained twosies for a postage stamp quilt in progress.  This is mindless sewing and I will be so ready to tackle that secret project this weekend - the fabric is ready and pattern read several times.

Some of you have asked how Bella is doing.  The meds seem to be working (what a struggle to get that little pill down her throat).  She stood at the door for the longest time, growling and spitting and weird yowly thing going on.  I looked several times to see what was annoying her.  Moe was laying on the other side of the door and I thought maybe they were having a spat.

Nope, it was this fellow sitting on the barn directly across the way.  At first I thought it  was a Turkey Buzzard as they have been on the trees and buildings during this wet spell, trying to dry their wings.  No, a young Eagle.  He hasn't matured enough to color out - but a young Bald Eagle.  Our nesting pair further up the mountain must have been successful with fledglings this year.  Glad my furkids know that big birds mean big trouble.

He eventually flew off, but Bella must have tired herself standing like a ballerina for over an hour - off to the guest bed for a nap.   

Back to the twosies,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

If you have a problem with dealing with scraps, SARAH has been very helpful each week.  Today she has some insight to 'JOY' - you want to go read her thoughts and shares.

Wednesday is the day I play with all my little block projects that are attempting to use up my scraps - or least tame them.  And look!!!!!  I emptied that cone of thread and opened a brand new one - power sew on day.

My problem is - the scraps keep coming in faster than I can use them.  All of this has to be processed before the weekend as I have a secret, rush project that will require my full attention and time.  I like a clear work area - well, really - I don't want any 'squirrels' in plain sight.

We are into a cold and rainy period - time to power sew the rest of the month away.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Good Weekend

Saturday was a rainy, cold and dreay with just the short trip for recycling.  I got to power sew all day!   First completing the April release of Two-Step.  Just 12 blocks - a set with the hour glass units added and the other set with the bricks added - easy.

Next, I made 20 more plaid blocks.  Luck has it that my SIL picked up a commission to make a Memory Quilt with the lady's late father's shirts - she doesn't want the scraps, so I have some fresh plaids.  I have half the amount needed and this is starting to out-grow the new container I put them in already.

I added 20 more geese to my Temecula quilt in progress - about a 1/3 of the way with this (my count and my size blocks).  Geese and HSTs are my favorite units to make.

Then We had a marvelous warm and sunny Sunday!  Out for a walk first and then got crackin'!

I pin basted "Arsnic & Old Lace".  Yes, that backing is actually a gray (a lovely Jo Morton print).  A verigated gray thread for the top and dark gray for the back.  And I quilted with no furry interruptions because they were out hunting all day.

DONE!!  I took it outside for natural light to show that it really is gray.  Yeah, I opted for no outside final border.  Not that I slacked, just thought it looked better.

Just a simple cross-hatch quilting which I felt that is all it needed.  It's washed/dried and in the shop.  Finished size 50" x 60" - nice couch throw.

I have everything picked up, machine oiled/cleaned and new needle.  My SIL will need the extra large table for her project all week, so I have my hand work to catch up on.

I put Gertrude aside to get so many things finished.  She just needs her 'flesh' and hair stitched.  I have this 'loopy' thread from long ago and will sew that down rather than all those french knots - and I didn't want to give her gray hair - enough playing with gray!  I have a little patriotic 'runner' that I am going to cover up that bra in the bag with, but will do that with the quilting process.

Fabrics and design are waiting to turn her into a Memorial Day mini.  Her buttons and other embellishments will be added after quilting.  She's my week's project - oyi - April almost gone! 

Check out Judy L's Patchwork Times
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Sewingly Yours,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Whoop, Whoop Friday 4/21/17

I will be joining SARAH and the gang in celebrating some finishes.  It doesn't have to be a finish, just something you are happy to have accomplished on your to-do list - and we all have a long one of those.

This was one of my Let's Book It projects over a year ago and it sat waiting for the final borders.  Those got done finally and I sent it out for long arming.  Then it took a while to stitch that binding - I don't make a lot of big quilts.

This pattern is from the book "Beyond Neutrals" and was an attempt to use up that abundance of browns.  A lot of skinny strips put into a 3-bar braid for lovely look.  I had Barb do a tight meander because of those skinnies and I love the affect.

And I finished off the confetti baby quilt.  Organic line quilting just gives texture and comfy.

I joined three 1/2 yard pieces of 'Good Neighboors' for the back - that is now used up.  And a scrappy border of some of the solids that were left from the front.  This is in the washer right now and then a pop into the dryer.

Today is to be another rainy day, so I plan to catch up on all those block releases for my QALs and dream of sunshine and warm weather.

Sewingly Yours,